Back-end Development

We design the information architecture to make it well-structured and easily accessible. Access your data securely from any device and at any time. For nearly 20 years, we have been using Python as a programming language, known for its use in AI development, and Django framework for over 15 years; Content Management System; REST API.

Python • Django • Content Management System • REST API

Front-end Development

We create the graphical interface to optimize and make data operations more efficient. We pay attention to every detail of the user experience. We use JavaScript as the programming language and have been using VueJS and Quasar as frameworks since 2008. Our constant drive for innovation and experimentation keeps us attentive to new trends and frameworks.

HTML • Javascript • CSS • Sass • Stylus • VueJS • Quasar • React • React Native • Angular • Ionic


Through testing phases in synergy with the Systems Unit, we simulate the application environment to optimize the time to market for your project. The main technologies we use include Mercurial, Git, Yarn, NPM, Webpack, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, and Ansible.

Mercurial • Git • Yarn • NPM • Webpack • Docker • Kubernetes • CI / CD • Ansible


By interfacing with the best data storage and management systems, we develop applications capable of transforming data into information that adds value to your project. For 20 years, we have been using PostgreSQL and have expertise in major SQL languages.

PostgreSQL • MySQL • MongoDB


We use Agile methodologies to shorten the time to market and allow you to follow the evolution of your project. Our main tools include Version Control Software, Agile Development Cycle, Staging environment, and Ticket System.

Version Control Software • Agile Development Cycle • Staging environment • Ticket System

UX / UI Design

We study and analyze the behavior of the personas who will use the application to create the best User Interface and ensure an optimal User Experience. We handle: Architecture Prototyping, Rapid Ideation & Prototyping UX, Technical Consulting, Usability Testing, and User Research.

Architecture Prototyping • Rapid Ideation & Prototyping UX • Technical Consulting • Usability Testing • User Research