We design end-to-end IT solutions to guide our clients in the continuous evolution of Digital Transformation. Our offerings are composed of four macro pillars:

Cybersecurity & IT Compliance

Cloud, Data Center, and Virtualization

VoIP and Connectivity

• Consulting and Service Desk

All of our solutions benefit from the THUX SOC to ensure the highest standards of cybersecurity. Our method is based on understanding the clients' business needs and identifying the most innovative solutions, while balancing security, speed, flexibility, scalability, and ease of management with elements of control and IT compliance.



We operate in the field of Cybersecurity and work with numerous national public and private organizations as both a Security Technology Provider and a Managed Security Service Provider, as well as a Security Consulting Provider. Through continuous research and commitment, we monitor the evolution of best practices and Cybersecurity technologies in response to the constantly changing threat landscape. We effectively support our clients in accordance with Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance directives. For the businesses that choose us, we offer the opportunity to utilize our vendor Cybersecurity technologies in a managed mode through our SOC (Security Operations Center) and NOC (Network Operations Center) Managed Services. The THUX Operation Center is staffed by highly qualified personnel responsible for managing the security of clients' systems.

Technologies and partnership

Technologies and partnership

The philosophy of THUX Systems has always been "vendor-independent." Our desire for innovation and our curiosity have allowed us to introduce emerging Cyber Security technologies to Italy. Innovation, which is part of our DNA, continually drives us to stay updated on the latest developments and strive to be the first to offer cutting-edge technologies, with IT solutions that are always one step ahead of market demands.


Palo Alto Networks





Sumo logic

F5 Networks



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