Portals and platforms

We design and develop Portals and Platforms, placing a strong emphasis on User Experience and User Interface. In collaboration with the Systems team, we ensure the highest cybersecurity standards for our projects. Our experience in developing management CRMs, corporate intranets, complex client and restricted areas, CMS, and enterprise-level corporate portals allows us to design and develop software solutions that seamlessly integrate with your business processes, improving efficiency and reducing costs. The know-how we've gained in various market sectors, such as Finance, Automotive, Publishing, Consulting, Retail, and Gaming, enables us to support clients with a proactive approach.

Portals and Platforms • Document Management • Ticketing and Invoicing Systems • Reserved Areas with Portfolio Management • IoT Platforms • CRM • CMS

App iOS & Android

We develop native applications, both consumer and enterprise, for iOS and Android platforms, paying close attention to design, usability, and functionality. We utilize the latest technologies combined with an Agile methodology to ensure cutting-edge, secure, and optimized solutions. Beyond smartphones and tablets, we specialize in the development of complex web and mobile applications. We have extensive expertise in developing apps for custom devices such as kiosks, touch screens, and handheld devices to meet the unique technological needs of every business. Additionally, we create apps for the IoT world. We excel in the Finance sector, having developed numerous complex apps for managing assets, investments, and loan applications.

iOS & Android Apps • Web and Mobile • UX / UI Design • Graphics

Artificial intelligence and ML

Our dedicated AI & ML team explores the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence to develop remarkable solutions that, when combined with other technologies, can solve problems and optimize countless aspects of your organization. From customer service to logistics, human resource management to decision support, they effectively contribute to increasing your company's competitiveness in the near future. Specifically, they implement artificial intelligence models capable of analyzing data and making automatic predictions and classifications; they employ a pragmatic approach that ranges from defining and training machine learning models for predictive analysis to using deep learning in the field of computer vision.

AI • ML • Training

Software as a Service

We understand the importance of using functional business tools to enhance performance, processes, organization, and data analysis. We develop cloud-based custom SaaS software tailored to your company's needs. Our products are accessible from any internet-connected device, and the software is also provided on a subscription basis. Data is securely stored and always available. We pay particular attention to usability by designing simple and intuitive graphical interfaces. We characterize each application with accessible APIs that can be queried from external sources to enable real-time integration with other platforms used in the company, such as CRM, ERP, CAD software, document management software, and ticketing solutions.

Software as a Service • cloud • API • UX/UI Design

UX / UI Design

We design and develop user interfaces for web systems capable of delivering pleasant, intuitive, and accessible experiences. We work on web designs that are both visually appealing and functional for their target audience. From gathering functional requirements to defining information architecture, from prototyping wireframes to software development and maintenance, we handle all phases of UI/UX design and development. We use the design thinking method strategically, pragmatically, and innovatively. We operate in various disciplines including Interaction Design (persona definition, user flow, user experience, user interface) and Visual Design (data visualization, graphic design, interactive design).

UX / UI Design • Design Thinking • Interaction Design • Visual Design

API Development and Integrations

We design, develop, maintain, and integrate efficient and flexible RESTful API systems according to the client's needs. Our goal is to ensure scalability, security, and performance through dedicated and precise development services in every phase. We implement: systems accessible through REST APIs (API Server), integration solutions through REST APIs (API Client), integrations and authentication with Single Sign-On, OAuth2, and TokenJWT. We have strong experience with Django and Django Rest Framework. For over 10 years, we have been developing all our platforms using RESTful APIs.

API Development and Integrations