Cloud PBX telephone system

The PBX offers all the basic features of the telephone system and advanced applications to create a flexible and customizable solution. It is a virtual, on-premise (physical), and cloud-based PBX solution that allows you to innovate your communication system. In addition to the traditional features of the most powerful physical PBX systems on the market, this innovative IP protocol-based service offers state-of-the-art advanced features. Powerful and flexible: the PBX telephone system is designed for advanced deployments. Our twenty years of experience with Asterisk has been strengthened by a partnership with Sangoma, ensuring customers the best available performance. Our telephone systems can be both physical (Appliance) and virtual, installed at your locations or in one of our Data Centers. In addition to the classic functions of an advanced traditional telephone system, we can offer additional features such as conference rooms, smartphone usage, call recording with encrypted interface consultation, and IVR (voice menus) management. Through Digit Manipulation, we fully exploit the potential of VOIP telephone channels. Our experts guide customers through the process of choosing, implementing, managing, and maintaining services.


Connectivity and Telephony Providers

We offer connectivity services tailored to the customer's needs, including Italian and international numbering with flat-rate and per-minute contracts, delivered through hybrid solutions. Our highly customizable service, based on our clients' needs, includes: Dedicated fiber internet connectivity: From 100 Mbit to 10 Gbit; Backup lines; Point-to-point dedicated fiber connections: From 100 Mbit to 10 Gbit; Italian and international numbering with redundant gateways in different data centers; Hybrid solutions: we integrate virtual (SIP) and traditional (PSTN) solutions.

Cyber security VoIP SBC

If you are using VoIP for your corporate network, you also need a Session Border Controller (SBC) to mitigate the risk of threats from external attackers. SBCs offer specific protection for VoIP services. The growing use of voice over IP in corporate networks has led to the increasing prevalence and importance of enterprise session border controllers. As communications based on SBC and Session Initiation Protocol become more critical, SBC security becomes increasingly important to mitigate the risk of threats from external attackers.

SBCs act as the first line of defense between networks and untrusted IP networks, using features like intrusion detection and prevention, rate limiting, blacklisting, and advanced call control to protect corporate communications.

THUX SOC Protection

Call, collaborate, and communicate from anywhere. Trust a telecommunications partner. All solutions are protected by SOC THUX to ensure the highest cybersecurity standards.