THUX Systems' Managed Security Services allow company IT departments to detect and respond to cyber threats in real-time. As your security partner, we monitor your infrastructure and take action in case of intrusions, with the support of cybersecurity specialists as an extension of your team, 24/7, 365 days a year. THUX MSSPs establish a Security Operations Center (SOC) responsible for protecting your infrastructure (networks, applications, databases, servers, etc.).

Our services include:

• Risk assessment and gap analysis

• Development of policies and risk management

• Solution research

• Solution and tool acquisition

• Solution implementation

• Security system management

• Configuration management

• Security updates

• Reporting, review, and compliance

• Training and education

The areas - Risk management


We assess and measure corporate risk by providing decision-making elements for Risk Management, which involves identifying appropriate security measures and remediation plans commensurate with the estimated risk.

• Vulnerability Assessment

• Penetration Test

• Network Scan


The areas - Security management


We support the company in Risk Management by implementing remediation plans and security measures identified in the Risk Management phase. We define tools, actions, and plans for Incident and Crisis Management. We play an advisory and operational role in supporting the client in defining information system security policies, assessing risks, and monitoring the entire corporate technological infrastructure. Specifically, the service allows:

• 24/7 infrastructure monitoring using specific tools (SIEM);

• Supporting the company in managing corporate risk by providing advisory activities and operationally adopting and implementing appropriate security plans and solutions to manage and reduce corporate risk;

• Ensuring support for defining technological requirements in line with regulations and determining a technological framework in line with current regulatory obligations.

We offer proactive protection and analysis and management of corporate systems and technologies. The service includes monitoring activities through the THUX SOC.

The areas - IT Compliance management

Thanks to THUX's in-house IT Legal & Compliance department, we offer an advisory and operational role to support the client in identifying technological and process solutions for regulatory and legislative compliance. The purposes of the activities are:

• Providing support in defining technological requirements in line with regulations;

• Determining a technological framework in line with current regulatory obligations;

• Guiding companies in drafting procedures and the manual for ISO 27001 certification;

• Providing indications and corrective actions to be adopted at the level of Organization, Policy, Personnel, Technology, and Control Systems.

THUX has a partnership with a certification body, ACM Cert, which provides accredited certification services worldwide.