The "thx-bank" package provides an implementation for managing banking information within a Django application. With this package, you can represent banking entities such as banks and associated banking details.


The "thx-bank" package is designed to simplify the management of banking information within Django applications. This collection of models and functionalities provides a solid infrastructure for organizing and manipulating banking data effectively and intuitively.

The Bank model represents an instance of a bank, including fundamental details such as the associated organization, the reference contact, and the IBAN (International Bank Account Number). You can also add additional notes for annotations or special information. Additionally, the model includes methods for validating the IBAN's validity and for retrieving additional details associated with the bank. Default permissions allow for regulating access and allowed operations on banking data.

The BankDetail model provides a more detailed overview of a specific bank. Here, you can record specific information such as the ABI (Italian banking association code) and CAB (bank branch code), which respectively identify the bank and the branch. Additionally, you can enter the bank's name, agency information, and if necessary, the Swift/BIC code. This model offers a structured way to maintain additional details related to a particular banking institution.

This package aims to simplify the process of managing banking information, providing a smooth and intuitive experience to the end-user.

Model structure

The "thx-bank" package consists of two main models for managing banking information within a Django application: Bank and BankDetail.


  • Bank: Represents a banking entity and includes basic information such as the organization associated with the bank, contact details, IBAN (International Bank Account Number), and space for any additional notes. This model is useful for tracking the different banks involved in an application and their contact information.

  • BankDetail: Provides more detailed information about a specific bank. It includes details such as the ABI code (Bank Code), CAB code (Branch Code), the bank's name or denomination, agency information, and optionally, the Swift/BIC code. This model is useful for storing more specific data related to a particular bank, such as bank identification codes and other unique information.


In summary, Bank manages basic information about banks, while BankDetail provides more specific details about each bank. This model structure allows for clear and modular organization of banking information within the Django application.



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