The "thx-notify" package provides a simple and intuitive way to manage notifications within your Django applications, ensuring an engaging and informative user experience. Notifications are an effective means of communicating with users and keeping them informed about relevant events within the system.


The "thx-notify" package has been designed with the end-user experience in mind, offering an intuitive interface for managing notifications in a simple and effective manner. The functioning of the package is based on three main concepts.

Notifications represent messages sent to users to inform them about significant events within the system. These messages may include a subject, explanatory text, and direct links to related actions.

Recipients of notifications are the users who receive such messages. Each notification can be sent to one or more recipients, allowing for targeted and personalized communication.

Notifications can be categorized based on their type, enabling users to organize and manage notifications according to their preferences and needs.

Model structure

The "thx-notify" package includes the following models for managing notifications:


  • Notification: Represents a single notification sent to users. It contains information such as the subject, message body, and notification type.

  • NotificationRecipient: Associates users with the notifications they receive. Each record in this model represents a specific notification sent to a user, including details about the date of reading and other relevant information.

  • NotificationType: Defines the different types of notifications available. This allows users to filter and manage notifications based on their preferences.


These models provide a clear and flexible structure for managing notifications, ensuring an optimal user experience within your Django application.


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