The Django package "thx-payment" simplifies the management of payments and installments for end-users within a Django application. With this package, developers can easily integrate payment forms and installment options, providing users with a smooth and personalized experience during the payment process.


The "thx-payment" package is designed to offer an optimized and customizable payment experience for both developers and end-users. This translates into a range of significant advantages for online platform owners and those making purchases through them.

In the context of an e-commerce platform, payment management is a crucial element. With "thx-payment," developers can configure payment forms tailored to the specific needs of their online store. Whether it's accepting payments via credit cards, bank transfers, or other methods, every aspect of the payment process can be customized intuitively and seamlessly.

Another key feature is the flexibility offered by the ability to split payments into installments. This allows users to better manage their budgets and more easily afford higher-value products or services. With the ability to customize amounts, deadlines, and apply discounts, users are provided with a tailored payment experience that adapts to their individual needs.

Furthermore, "thx-payment" enables full customization of available payment options. Developers have full control over elements such as taxes, discounts, and other configurations, ensuring that the payment process is uniquely tailored to their platform and the needs of their customers.

Model structure

The "thx-payment" package defines two main models that drive the payment experience for end-users:


  • PaymentForm: Represents a payment method available to end-users. Each payment form can be customized with a descriptive name, a brief description, and options such as taxes and discounts.

  • PaymentInstallment: Represents a single payment installment associated with a payment form. This allows users to split their payments into installments, offering flexibility and convenience during the purchase process.

These models provide a solid foundation for intuitive management of payments and installments for end-users, ensuring a smooth and personalized payment experience within the Django application.


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