The Django package "thx-tour" is a system designed for managing and creating interactive tours on websites. These tours guide users through different sections of the site, providing them with useful information, detailed explanations, or highlighting important features.

The package provides an intuitive interface for creating and managing tours, allowing developers to easily integrate this functionality into their Django-based web projects. This system is particularly useful for enhancing the user experience and providing an interactive way to showcase various features or sections of the website.


The "thx-tour" package is a tool that provides developers with a simple and intuitive way to implement interactive tours within Django-based websites.

With "thx-tour," you can create tours that engage users with your website in an intuitive manner. These tours can be used to provide instructions on how to use certain features, introduce new functionalities, or simply showcase the most interesting parts of your site to users.

Thanks to "thx-tour," you can guide users step by step through various sections of the site, providing detailed explanations on what is important to know. Each step of the tour, or box, can include text, images, or buttons for additional actions, allowing you to provide all the necessary information to help users navigate and use the site with ease.

The versatility of "thx-tour" lies in its flexibility. Developers can create tailored tours for their website's needs, defining the content and flow of the tour based on the specific requirements of the users.

Model structure

The package contains the following models:


  • Tour: Represents a specific tour that can be created and managed through Django's administrative interface. Each tour is associated with a specific website. The model includes fields for the tour code, title, description, language, and additional information. Additionally, the model manages the tour's status and ordering, allowing developers to define the order in which tours should be displayed on the site.
  • Box: Represents a single element within a tour. Each Box is linked to a specific tour and includes fields for the title, body text, position within the tour, buttons, and additional attributes. This model allows developers to define various steps or points of interest within a tour and customize the content and actions associated with each element.



These models form the foundation for creating and managing interactive tours in Django projects using the "thx-tour" package.


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