Development Project for the Website and Reserved Area for AcomeA

AcomeA SGR is a leading entity in the field of investment management, born from the initiative of a group of managers and entrepreneurs with extensive and consolidated experience in the financial sector. In 2010, we began a long-lasting collaboration with AcomeA to develop a comprehensive digital solution that revolutionized their online presence and significantly enhanced their clients' experience.

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A Django CMS-based website

A Django CMS-based website A Django CMS-based website

Over the years, we have utilized the powerful content management system Django CMS to develop and maintain AcomeA's entire website. This solution has allowed AcomeA to easily keep their online content up to date, customize their digital presence, and ensure the security of sensitive data.

The intuitive user interface

The intuitive user interface The intuitive user interface

The importance of UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) in a website or application is fundamental for the success of the product and for user satisfaction. Both aspects are complementary but focus on different aspects of the user-product interaction.

The full-featured and responsive reserved area

We designed and developed the reserved area for AcomeA users, allowing them to manage their current account. Common operations such as investments, disinvestments, and switching between different accounts are included, along with some optional features to apply to their portfolio.

Account Management and Investments

Account management, investments, and security are crucial aspects in implementing a reserved area for users of an Asset Management Company (SGR).


Our collaboration with AcomeA began in 2010. This longstanding partnership is a testament to our extensive experience in the field. We are proud to have contributed to AcomeA's exceptional digital journey, supporting their ongoing success in the competitive world of investment management.


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