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Website Development Project and Reserved Area for Quaestio Capital

Quaestio Capital is an asset management company based in Italy. Founded in 2010, Quaestio Capital specializes in fund management and investment solutions for a diversified clientele that includes institutional investors, financial intermediaries and private individuals. The company offers a wide range of investment strategies covering different asset classes, including stocks, bonds, real estate and other financial vehicles. We have developed the website and the reserved area.

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A website based on Django CSM

A website based on Django CSM A website based on Django CSM

Over the years, we have used the powerful Django CMS content management system to develop and manage the entire Quaestio Capital website. The portal allowed Quaestio Capital to promptly update online content. The combination of a well-designed website and a strong online presence helped promote the company's image, provide clear information to investors and facilitate an effective connection with interested audiences.


Investment instruments

Investment instruments Investment instruments

Interactive tools useful for understanding the potential returns, risks and advantages of financial products are available to customers. The News section allows investors to be informed through industry news, market updates and investment research published on the site.

Reserved Area for Investors

We have created an investor-only area to provide access to detailed fund performance information, legal documents and periodic reports.

Design and User Experience

By integrating UX/UI principles, we created a website for Quaestio Capital that was both attractive, but also accessible with a positive user experience for investors. The objective was to create a website that could satisfy the needs of investors, reflecting the professionalism of the SGR.

Quaestio Capital

It is with great satisfaction that we share our pride in being a technological partner of Quaestio Capital. Since we began this collaboration, we have been committed to creating a high-quality digital presence that reflects Quaestio Capital's innovation and excellence in providing investment management solutions.

We worked together to develop an intuitive and informative website, designed to offer an engaging and transparent user experience. Our collaboration has embraced the challenges of the digital world, implementing the latest technologies and strategies to ensure Quaestio Capital's competitiveness and relevance in the online financial landscape.