DataFusion Pro

Web application for data integration and management

Data is the most important and essential asset of companies. Data management and integration are a priority for all companies.

THUX responds to these two great needs with the development of the DataFusion Pro App

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Data integration from numerous sources and formats

Data integration from numerous sources and formats Data integration from numerous sources and formats

DataFusion Pro is a web application that can facilitate the integration and management of data from different sources, including files in various formats (Excel, CSV, XML, JSON) and databases (Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB ). It allows users to define custom configurations for importing, transforming and updating data.

The main features

The main features The main features

Data Flow Configuration: Based on the permissions granted, users can create customized configurations;

Integration from Different Sources: The application supports a wide range of data sources. Users can easily connect these sources to correlate data.

Permissions Management: Offers a complete permissions management system. Users are assigned to specific roles, ensuring that only authorized people can create, modify or run data flows.

Other characteristics

DataFusion Pro also allows for Data Preview where users can preview the data before actually performing the integration process. This feature helps ensure the correctness of the data before importing.

Through Configuration Reuse, users can save and reuse previously created configurations to perform repetitive data imports in the future. This reduces time and human error when defining data flows.

Complete data control

Using the Activity Log feature, users can keep track of every integration activity, including errors, for complete data control. This allows for a complete audit trail and unprecedented data control.

DataFusion Pro

DataFusion Pro is THUX's answer to address new business challenges, effectively and optimize the data integration process. Thanks to its versatility, DataFusion Pro is adaptable to a wide range of industries and business requirements. It is a highly customizable solution.