Development of an investment platform

Otter is an investment platform that allows users to invest in products provided by Smart Bank. A distinctive advantage of Otter is the ability to access liquidity without the need to divest: users can use their investments as collateral to obtain an advance.

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Technology, innovation in a fintech web app

Technology, innovation in a fintech web app Technology, innovation in a fintech web app

After an initial onboarding phase, which includes identity verification through KYC (Know Your Customer), users can purchase funds and financial products. Within their portfolio, they can monitor the performance of their investments over time.

Experience full digital

Experience full digital Experience full digital

An online platform that, in addition to investing in selected financial products, allows customers to request an advance on their invested portfolio at any time, which will be repaid with the growth of the capital over time. The entire process offers users a completely digital experience.

Pervasive automation

Involving all user activities: from onboarding to purchase orders and even advance disbursements, everything is managed through server-to-server communications, avoiding manual tasks that could be inconvenient for the user.

The algorithm that calculates the advance

The algorithm that calculates the value the user can request as an advance. The advance amount is calculated based on the portfolio's total value, its composition, and the risk index of each investment. This way, the user can quickly obtain a liquid amount proportional to their existing investments.


When it comes to innovation in fintech and financial transactions, platform security is a top priority. THUX has gained experience with numerous clients in the industry, as well as through the use of a framework like Django, which has been on the market for nearly 20 years and inherently adheres to OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) guidelines for secure software development.